What’s content strategy?

Content strategy is a rapidly growing field dedicated to the planning, creating and managing of content in all its forms. Content strategists care about how information gets communicated and may focus specifically on the role words play in shaping people’s online experiences.

Content strategists tend to work most with designers, engineers, researchers and marketers, often as part of larger user experience teams.

Is content strategy for me?

While content strategists come from lots of different backgrounds, most tend to have a few important things in common. If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place:

  • You’re majoring in English, journalism, communications, literature, information design or a related field (and there’s a good chance you’re an interdisciplinary type).
  • You’re obsessed with language. Typos on public signs make you cranky, the right metaphor makes your heart sing and, let’s be honest, you have some pretty strong opinions on serial commas.
  • You think in pictures and patterns. You curate objects in everyday life. Even if your desk’s a mess, you know where to find things.
  • You’re curious about the way people and machines talk to each other. When you visit a website, you think it should be easier to find what you’re looking for. When an app sends you too many notifications, you brainstorm ways to consolidate the messaging.

Still not sure if you’re content strategist material? See what some of Facebook content strategists have to say about their own career paths, read more about the things that are exciting us on our Medium channel, dive deep into things like audits and taxonomy at A List Apart and see how content strategy is shaping the future of VR. We also love the tips featured at Gather Content’s advent calendar long after the holiday season has passed.

Does it matter what I’m majoring in?

Content strategy is an interdisciplinary field, and there isn’t any one pre-professional major for it. We’re looking for people who’ve shown interest in how communication shapes experiences. Content strategists often have backgrounds in English, journalism, communication, political science, writing, design or psychology. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have content strategy experience. These opportunities are designed to help you learn more.

Who can apply?

These opportunities are open to undergraduates and graduate students in a degree-granting program who have an expected graduation date no earlier than December 2018.

What’s Confab?

Confab is a premier content strategy conference, bringing together professionals from around the world to share ideas, network and move the field forward. Confab’s annual Minneapolis program is loaded with valuable info for content experts and newcomers alike.

How are students selected?

A panel made up of Facebook content strategists and members of the design recruiting team will review applications. The main things we’ll be looking for are:

  • Education/experience in a related area
  • Evidence of strategic thinking
  • High-quality writing
  • Strong interest in content strategy

We’ll interview finalists via phone, video chat and/or in person, and notify winners in March.

Tell me more about the paid internship at Facebook.

In addition to the fellowship and the online seminar, we’re also offering a paid, 12-week internship on the Facebook Content Strategy team—based in Menlo Park, California—to give you real experience planning, creating and managing content that influences how more than a billion people tell their stories.

Why is Facebook doing this?

Facebook invests in content strategy because we understand the value it brings to everything we build. As our discipline grows, we know that colleges are full of future content strategists who haven’t yet discovered the field—or who do know about it but aren’t sure how to get started. We want to make it easier to dive in.

I’m not eligible to apply, but I’m interested in becoming a content strategist at Facebook. What can I do?

Start by sending us your resume. If you’re already a content strategist or have similar experience, check out our open positions and apply online. Our team is active in the content strategy community, and we regularly attend and host meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Seattle and overseas. Come out and say hello—we’re always happy to meet and talk with other content folks.